I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in a day when doctors made house calls and neighbors shared telephone service over “party lines.” I wrote my first little piano piece for two hands in first grade and was a Central Indiana spelling champ in sixth grade. I was always attracted to poetry and began writing some in high school. In college, I was turned on to songwriting by a roommate, John Bailey, who was and is a gifted songwriter.

Moving to Boston, I became involved in theater as the pianist for an improv comedy group, the Proposition. Songwriting and theater have continued to be the focus of my creativity from that day to this. I haven’t had much luck with my creations, but they deserve to be preserved for anyone in the future who might be interested. One way I am doing that is by maintaining an archive of my works at my alma mater, Wesleyan University. Another way is by loading my works, bit by bit, onto this website. For now, there is no paywall. Browse and enjoy.

Andy Gaus